Made to measure by master craftsmen

We have been producing exceptional upholstered furniture in our SINN factory in Stemwede-Haldem, Westphalia, since 1967. With our own upholstery workshop and sewing shop, the expertise of our medium-sized family business with around 40 employees lies in the professional realisation of contemporary ideas.

The quality in design and production is achieved by the close cooperation between material manufacturers, designers and experienced craftsmen in our SINN manufactory. The result is furniture that inspires and that will last for generations.

We are Sinn

Creative minds and experts
who create outstanding upholstered furniture for you.
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Träume haben
einen Sinn.

Sigmund Freud

Hans Sinn's dream was to produce high-quality upholstered furniture in beautiful shapes and colours and to sell them at affordable prices. Born in 1924 in Brake near Bielefeld, the young man was later lucky enough to be able to complete an apprenticeship as an upholsterer in the then renowned Bielefeld manufactory Hans Kaufeld.

As early as 1962, the enterprising upholsterer converted the first part of the old school building in Stemwede-Haldem - the current location of the SINN manufactory - to produce cocktail chairs and other design furniture that was innovative for the time. In 1967, the then 43-year-old founded his own company. The location was expanded by one workshop.

Hans Sinn transferred his passion for designs, materials and precise manufacturing to his son Matthias Sinn. He took over the management of the company in 1984 and successfully continued to steer the business. International manufacturers, architects and interior designers for yachts, jets and residences became increasingly aware of the durable, aesthetic quality of SINN manufacturing.

In addition to the high-quality individual furniture of the family brand SINN Living, the long-established company also produces tailor-made upholstered furniture for the project sector under the name SINN Selected. SINN Selected enjoys an excellent international reputation among customers who require individually designed upholstered furniture.

Since 2007, the company's fortunes continue to lie in family hands with Sebastian Sinn as managing director in the third generation. Passion and joy in self-designed furniture, the desire - no matter how unusual - to implement the wishes of the customers, the knowledge of a team that realizes all this in perfection, are the things that make his work so exciting, says Sebastian Sinn, who successfully leads the company towards the future with new ideas.


Traditional production for modern seating culture

We are always curious and on the move in order to achieve the optimum for our customers now and in the future. In general, the following guidelines reflect the philosophy of our work in the SINN Manufactory:


While the furniture world is saying goodbye to the traditional production techniques for simple reasons of profit maximisation, we remain convinced that only traditional craftsmanship - combined with fabulous materials - leads to a valuable product. We do not like disposable furniture. Instead, we give our all to create sofas, armchairs, chairs and stools that outlast generations and are affordable despite their high value retention.


Our traditional workmanship also includes a modern design: Naturally, we also plan, design and manufacture using the latest technologies. However, we never lose sight of our quality standards. For example, the creation of technical drawings in the development phase is just as much a part of our scope as the modelling of 3D drawings.


Only by handicraft our philosophy of upholstery art can be fulfilled. It also enables us to respond to all customer demands quickly, economically and with the highest quality standards. The production takes place exclusively in our manufactory in Stemwede - handmade in Germany.


The choice of material is easy for us: The decision is always made for the most valuable option, so that the seating furniture remains beautiful and comfortable for decades. That is why we purchase our materials exclusively from trusted suppliers who manufacture their products with as much love as we do. These are predominantly family businesses that we are happy to support and from whose rich experience we in turn benefit. So, our customers can always be sure to receive the best quality at a fair price.


Our manufactory is staffed exclusively by professionals who are experts in their field and who have masterly skills and an eye for the essential. We also focus on the training of young people. Our apprentices often even receive the award of being the best in their field in our region and nationwide.

Team Spirit

Family businesses have a slightly different culture. We think long-term. This can be seen in our products as well as in our team and corporate strategy. It is people who make our manufactory what it is. Our team consists of outstanding skilled workers who manufacture all our furniture with dedication. Only when everyone contributes - and is empowered to contribute their ideas - even the most complex challenges be mastered. And we do that - every day.


Our customers and partners are at the centre of our activities. It is our aim to fulfil your wishes and make it as comfortable as possible for you. Fast reactions and individualisation possibilities according to personal ideas are common for us. 


Nature is our most important asset. Not only since the trend topic 'climate-friendly' has arrived in the minds of our society, but also since the foundation of our company, we have kept our CO2balance as low as possible. To keep distances short, we only buy and work with partners in our vicinity, in any case within Europe. We obtain wood from sustainable forestry and our leather has been awarded the Blue Angel. In addition, we recycle our material efficiently and only throw away what is absolutely necessary.