Tailormade for the personal touch

You feel attracted to one of the designs out of the SINN Living collection? Although you quite like it, you still want to change the colour or material? You need to change the measurement or it should specifically fit a certain purpose?

Since all handmade - our collection stands for a high level of individualization which we understand as tailormade. With a given design out of our collection, a tailored adaption is possible to achieve with relatively moderate costs involved.

Get in contact with us and we will help you configuring your tailored furniture.

Covering Materials:
Nature is our inspiration

Apart from the handmade manufacturing the materials we use for the final layer of the furniture – the covering materials - are most important for us.

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Finest Leathers

A furniture piece by SINN Living – covered in a SINN leather – is a handmade masterpiece. In order to fulfil our high expectations, we only use finest leathers. Our collection contains beautiful aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leathers and all of these are of highest quality which create a very enjoyable feel when you touch them and comfortably relax in them.

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Woollen Loden

Our wonderfully woollen loden fabrics are made in Austria by family owned company Steiner. Close to the Dachstein-mountain this knowledgeable practice manufactures their fabrics since 1888.

The production process includes spinning the yarns, weaving and dyeing the fabrics and fulling. The loden - the woven fabric - is tumbled with hot spring water from the heights of the Dachstein until it acquires its high strength and typical properties. In this way the loden fabric cools your body in the summer and comforts in winter. It is moisture-regulating, breathable, dirt-resistant, hard-wearing, easy-care, dimensionally stable and flame-retardant.

Whether a sofa, armchair or chair from SINN Living - the loden fabric we use provides outstanding seating comfort, making it perfect for private, business and public spaces.

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Pure new wool

Wool is a renewable raw material that naturally has excellent characteristics - from breathability and flame-retardantcy to lightfastness, dirt-repellence, durability and great haptics. Our used new wool fabrics are always first choice. They come mainly from the weaving mill of our partner rohi in Geretsried near Munich. We have a lot in common with rohi simply because our companies are close to each other in what they do and how they think.

rohi and SINN are both grown family businesses that follow the demand for highest quality and combine traditional craftsmanship with first-class materials to create products of lasting value. In close cooperation with the premium manufacturer, this wool is used to create beautiful, top-quality upholstery fabrics "Made in Germany", with a finish that places even greater emphasis on the sensuality of the material.

rohi produces fabrics from triple and quadruple yarns to create beautiful robust and easy-care upholstery fabrics, which are also distinguished by their hydrophobic, water-repellent characteristics. All furniture from SINN Living that we cover with new wool impresses with its high quality and timeless beauty that will be unmatched for decades. A wide range of colours also makes stylish designs possible - also in combination with high quality leather from SINN Living.

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A wonderful design tool are visible stitchings, which can be influenced by colour, thread thickness and stitching length.


As a standard our stitchings are made tone in tone. However, using a contrasting colour, you can create a very special appearance of your furniture – especially using one of our high quality leathers.

stitch length

Using an individual stitching length you are able to additionally create a special design.

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Piping is the term used to describe the edge around an upholstered furniture. Particularly beautiful accents can be achieved with a contrast colour piping or in a different material. Our models with piping come with a piping in the cover material as a standard.

combined with a

Einen volumigen Stoff mit feinem Satin-Keder zu versehen – oder die Kederfarbe um ein, zwei Farbnuancen abgesetzt zu verarbeiten, individualisiert das Möbelstück und akzentuiert Teile auf interessante Weise.

Leathers combined
with a Piping

A leather piping on a fabric armchair or sofa provides exciting contrasts in appearance and feel. Attractive effects can also be achieved with a leather in contrasting color.

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A seat in
your personal
comfort level

Anyone who compares upholstered furniture without and with sprung seats will quickly choose the latter because of its comfort. However, the type of springs is also very important here. An important feature of all SINN Living models is therefore the use of our hand-made SINN cylindrical spring cores. They enable us to meet all requirements for optimum seating comfort in our manufactory. This refined mesh of cylindrical springs with variable wire strengths ensures extremely comfortable sitting and unsurpassed stability that lasts for decades.

Seats with special support

By influencing the wire thickness of the springs, we achieve a reinforced seat. In combination with an even stronger base suspension, a more comfortable and stable seat is created, which is particularly suitable for heavier persons.

Softer seats

For a soft seating comfort, we adjust the cylinder spring seat in reverse for lighter persons on request.

Loose seating cushions

We also offer loose seat cushions with individual seat thicknesses in this way. Depending on the model, we offer them in three different strengths: "Medium" is a somewhat firmer cushion with two cold foams combined, "Pocket spring core" is a semi-soft version with two cold foams and "Luxury" has a composition of three soft cold foams.

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Wooden surfaces

The wooden surfaces serve primarily to protect the material. From an aesthetic point of view, they are available for our models in various types of wood and colours.  

Domestic types of wood

For the visible wooden surfaces on our seating furniture we choose the domestic types beech and oak. This also helps to keep the ecologic footprint small.

Special staining colours

In order to give the frame and feet the desired stain colour, we at SINN Living Manufaktur work with colour charts or the original template. The degree of sheen of the surface is semi-gloss.

Closed surfaces

We are also able to implement covering colours in silk matt according to all known colour charts.

Oiled surfaces

Oiled surfaces allow the wood to retain its natural character and structure. They offer a protection that can be easily refreshed at a later stage. Our natural oil is colour neutral and enhances the colour effect. It puts wood and grain in the spotlight.

Special finishes

We realize special surfaces on request, which we produce after checking the technical feasibility.